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One of the most trusted auto shops in the state, T & S Auto Repair can also carry out hassle-free state inspections to be conducted by a certified state vehicle inspector.

As a Texan vehicle owner, you are required to get your vehicle inspected every year by a certified inspector. This mandatory and comprehensive safety inspection helps lessen motor vehicular accidents, keeping you and everyone else safe on the road.

To ensure a fast and easy state inspection, schedule it with T & S Auto Repair. We have a team of certified state vehicle inspectors who can carry out the job according to the Texas Department of Public Safety regulations. We guarantee that we can discover any problems, so your vehicle won’t be a safety hazard for anyone.

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What to Expect With T & S Auto Repair’s State Inspections?

Whether you just moved to Texas or are a long-time resident of the Lone Star State, you are not exempted from the annual state inspection. The good thing is you can freely choose who will do the inspections. This makes this requirement easier to accomplish as you can do it at your most convenient time as long as a certified inspector will carry out the inspection.

By scheduling your annual state inspection with T & S Auto Repair, you can guarantee that our inspector will assess every component of your vehicle that can affect the overall safety of your vehicle. Some of the components that are going to be inspected are:

Pass the annual state inspection

All components must be in good working condition

If any of the components fail to meet the minimum safety requirements as mandated by the State of Texas, you will not pass the inspection.

In case that happens, there is nothing to worry about though. You just need to have those faulty components repaired or replaced, and you’re good to go. A great thing is that by bringing your vehicle to T & S Auto Repair, we’ll make the process much easier for you.

As one of the trusted auto shops in Greater Houston, our team can provide you with cost-effective solutions to fix the issue in your vehicle. This eliminates the need to go to another auto repair and maintenance shop, making it a less hassle experience for you. You can guarantee that we can service your vehicle magnificently — helping you pass the state inspection.


Schedule Your State Inspection With a Trusted Auto Shop

Passing the state inspection is important because you will not be able to renew your registration if you fail it. However, you should not think of this as a burden as it also gives you the opportunity to discover any issue your vehicle has before it gets worse. With this, the annual inspection benefits you by saving you from costly repairs.

Give us a call at T & S Auto Repair if you want to schedule a state inspection. Our ​​certified state vehicle inspector will finish the assessment fast, causing minimal disruptions to your day. In case your vehicle didn’t pass the inspection, rest assured that we can help you in bringing your vehicle back to passing shape.

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