Meet The Family


Thelma & Salvador

Meet Our Parents

“I’m so glad to hear it! Your parents have worked so hard, they truly deserve it!” This is the common reaction of our long-term happy customers when they ask us “where are your mom and dad?” only to discover that our parents, Thelma & Salvador, are once again off on another sponsored vacation. These are the same customers that aren’t surprised when they pull into our shop and see dad’s brand new Lincoln Navigator parked outside, and will “ooh and ahh” in genuine heartfelt admiration of him. They are the caring customers who’ll stop by just to drop off some cookies for mom. Kind, loyal patrons who’ve turned into family friends and care greatly about the two amazing people behind T & S Auto Repair on 2261 West 43rd St. They know about the many hardships encountered by our family in the past and the incredible tenacity that led us to the success we’re enjoying in the present.

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Meet the Kids

Hi! My name is Jessica. I am the eldest of Thelma and Salvador’s three children and a market research analyst and marketing specialist. My sister, Marci, is a professional graphic designer who’s creative, detail-oriented, problem-solving talents have been best used at the shop for troubleshooting vehicle problems. Marci is usually the first person you’ll see when walking through the door and she’s always willing to, in the most gracious and straightforward manner possible, answer your burning questions and appease your most worrisome concerns. Our youngest brother, Augusto, discovered early on a passion for cars.
He spent his early years, as did the three of us, holding signs promoting our family’s auto repair shop, running away from dogs while we went door to door handing out flyers, doing oil changes, rotating tires, washing customers’ vehicles, and cleaning up. Then came the day he threw down his broom, exclaimed that he was done being the shop hand, and expressed a desire to start working on vehicles. Now a State Inspector and an A.S.E. Certified Master Automotive Technician, Augusto will bunker down in his bays and sweat bullets until he discovers what’s ailing your vehicle and gets your car running smoothly again.

Our Story

T & S opened its doors in the summer of 1995, thanks to a combination of several credit cards, strong faith, and iron-willed determination.
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