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T & S Auto Repair - Trusted Auto Repair Shop in Houston, TX

Opened its doors in the summer of 1995,

thanks to a combination of several credit cards, strong faith, and iron-willed determination. Our family came to this country as most immigrants do, looking for the golden gate of opportunity and a more prosperous life. Mom worked in three different households as a housekeeper, arduously taking care of other people’s homes and children. Our father spent years working long painstaking hours as a service attendant at a well-known gas station for minimum wage and little recognition. That was until they both decided they had had enough of investing their time for someone else’s profit and benefit and were willing and ready to take a leap of faith for themselves.
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The early years of T & S Auto

were predominately oil changes, tire rotation, and balance, but my father always instilled the importance of ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. We went above and beyond for each and every person who was brought to our small shop thanks to the flyers we spent Sundays handing out all over the neighborhood, the hand-written signs we held for hours standing under the blazing sun on the West 43rd median, or because of the giant printed signs hung on all sides of an old Chevy Van my father would park wherever he could for as long as he was able to. Summer and winter school breaks for us were spent washing and vacuuming all vehicles that came in, regardless of the size of the sale. My sister and I would compete to see who could turn over an oil change faster, and all of us had to get the bays clean after each and every workday was done.

We would wake at the crack of dawn,

be dragged to the shop half asleep in the back of my dad’s Chevy Van. From Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 6 pm, each member of our family would do their part, be it working on or washing vehicles, tending to customers, picking them up and driving them home whenever necessary, and picking up parts all over the Houston area. We would eat the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that my mother made for us from scratch every day, the five of us jammed into the tiny office at our first location on 43rd and Glebe. The cramped space didn’t matter, we were just happy to get some welcomed time in the A/C.

Our Team

It was truly a team effort

to get to where we are today, and success didn’t come overnight. The sacrifices, long hours, worries, debt, sweat, and tears were real for years. Patience, faith, consistency, honest hard work, and kindness reward those who desire success more than they fear failure. We have come full circle. The gas station my father used to work at closed its doors eight years ago and, through a twist of fate, is now the new location of our Family´s Auto Repair Shop! Our family is blessed and happy to continue providing jobs and driving economic growth in a community that opened its doors to us so many years ago. At a time when opportunities and borders seem to be closing for other families like ours… we truly are grateful to all of the customers who decided to support our small family run shop, to entrust us with their vehicles, and reward our good faith and whole-hearted effort with years of loyalty and recommendations.
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We wouldn’t be here without your patronage

That is our story in a nutshell… there’s much more to it, but you’ll have to ask us about that when you come on down to cash-in our welcome gift to you for taking the time to allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re happy when we meet a friendly face, and always strive to exceed expectations and gain a new loyal customer. Hope to see you soon!

We’re located at 2216 W 43rd St, Houston, TX 77018. Our hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We look forward to serving you.

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