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Quality Auto Electrical repair in Houston, TX

Keeping up with your electrical system

is critical in making sure your vehicle runs smoothly. If a symptom is unnoticed or ignored, this can lead to a range of other issues, and no one wants that!

Your vehicle’s electrical system is comprised of the battery, alternator and the starter.


T&S Auto Repair provides quality auto electrical repair in Houston, TX. Come by and visit us now!

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Your vehicle's electrical system is comprised of the battery, alternator and the starter


When your vehicle is in motion, the battery is what keeps the electrical current going for your vehicle’s entire electrical system, so without this, all else fails.


The alternator can be thought of as the powerhouse to your vehicle’s battery. If your vehicle’s electrical system was solely running on a battery, the vehicle wouldn’t stay running very long. Without the battery and alternator working together, each would not exist on their own, so it’s important to keep this in mind when noticing signs such as weakened headlights, trouble starting your vehicle or the battery not maintaining its charge.


The starter is started by the ignition key, which then triggers a motor that rotates in order to start up your engine. The starter is unable to start without the battery and the alternator.

Our expert mechanics will run specialized diagnostic testing

As you can see, without each and every component of the electrical system, your vehicle is useless. Come see us today.

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